ALL AMERICAN was founded in 1972 on the premise that the customer is always king. We recognized that the need to supply people with their own low-cost, fairly easy to run profitable business was real. With this in mind we created a very durable hot dog cart, the ORIGINAL ALL AMERICAN. It was meant to be a virtually indestructible workhorse. It is, 42 years later. It is virtually unchanged. It is the most copied hot dog cart ever built. We started it.

Since 1972 we have added 5 more equally durable carts to our lineup and we continue to provide great customer service & follow-through. We even do your licensing paperwork for you and we provide a free detailed business plan. We are the oldest cart-manufacturing specialists in North America. We are as happy to serve you now as we were in 1972.

Call us and ask how 1-800-808-1396

we can make you feel like a king.