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$4199.00 NSF

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NSF available (optional). NSF certification is required in a very few places. We can do it if you need it. It costs extra. Ask us for details if this is a requirement in your state.

Cart Body Dimensions: 28 in. wide x 40 in. long x 37 in. high.
Electrical: 12 volt flat 4 highway lights
Cart Body: 18 Gauge Stainless Steel and checkerboard stainless steel
Under Carriage: 1/2 ton highway towable, 480 x 8 trailer wheels, DOT approved
highway rated
Electrical Brake: Brake, running and signal lights plus trailer wiring harness instal
Cart Weight: 225 lbs., empty
Security: Stainless steel vibration suitcase latches, lockable
Sinks: Sink included, extras can be added
Security Stainless: Lockable suitcase locks
Sinks: 3 sinks standard, extra can be added
Quality Built In: As the largest US cart craftsmen, we build the best carts in the
industry. As the undisputed industry leader we are the company
others try to copy.
Waste Water Tank: 7.5 gallons
Cooler Storage: Top loading, insulated ice box for 200 sodas plus meat, with dra
valve below
Dry Storage: Under counter space. Total storage space 8 cubic feet.
Propane Tank: 2 x 20 lb tank basket. Tanks not included.
Gas Regulator: Two stage regulator, UL, CSA approved, auto safety shutoff
Burner: 2 x 17,000 B.T.U high efficiency burners with infinitely adjustabl
controls. Runs for up to 50 hours per tank of propane
Umbrella: 6-foot high wind umbrella. Choice of colors
Steamers: 3 pans 1/3 size x 6 inches deep.
Food Equipment Summary: Full size steamer/boiler.
Additional Equipment Options: BBQ, griddle, roller grill, fryer, etc. Just ask. See the Accessories page for a complete list of optional equipment
Additional Feature: Quilted stainless as shown on many carts is a $500.00 extra cost option
*We reserve the right to improve carts and alter specifications without notice.
25% restocking on all parts returned. Shipping is not refundable on parts returns.

The Chicago is a cart that beginners and experts alike have loved for decades. You will feel fully at ease with this compact, easy to operate cart.


The Chicago was designed for complete functionality. With a modern and compact design, you can serve many customers at a time. You have (3) 1/3 size pans for steaming which can hold up approximately 20 hot dogs each! Also, keep customers refreshed with the ability to hold up to 200 drinks plus ice in your built in cooler.

The unique and durable stainless checker plate body is the signature All American cart look, and we think you will love this because you don’t have to worry about rust or scratches. This cart is built to last.

To top it off, it is entirely commercial quality and we have been building it for 39 years!


Try as we might to give you as much usable space on the cart, one cooler may not be enough for large crowds. Bring down a couple extra coolers on hot days for meat or pop.


For 2021, the Chicago was redesigned with a simpler water system, less moving parts. What this means to you is even better reliability and ease of use. That spells better performance when you need it. It also spells a lower price for 2021!

The Chicago is all about the details. The top of the 5-gallon fresh water tower and display case has a stainless railing so you can put napkins, beverage options, and straws up here. We kept storage in mind with this model, and you will find ample storage inside the cart for buns, napkins, utensils etc.


This cart offers you complete maneuverability in the city. When you are towing the Chicago behind your vehicle to get to your location in morning rush hour, you won’t stress about finding room to park and unload. The Chicago takes corners easily and is light as a feather!