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NSF available (optional). NSF certification is required in a very few places. We can do it if you need it. It costs extra. Ask us for details if this is a requirement in your state.

With NSF Compliance: NSF approval available if required
Cart Body Dimensions: 28” (40" overall) in. wide x 40” (74” overall) in. long x 60” in. high
Electrical: 12 volt brake, turn and running lights
Cart Body: Stainless Steel
D.O.T Compliance: D.O.T Approved 1/2 ton suspension. Easy to tow on the highway at a
Cart Weight: 325 lbs (100 Kg)
Security: Lockable suitcase latch
Pressurized Water: 12V pump
Sinks: Cart comes with 1 sink, extra sinks are an optional extra
Quality Built In: We build the best carts in the industry
Fresh Water Tank: 5 gallons
Waste Water Tank: 7 gallons
Cooler Storage: 23 x 20 x 22” insulated top entry ice box for over sodas plus meat
Dry Storage: Top side display area plus additional under counter dry storage
Propane Tank: 1 x 20 lb tank basket, 2 optional
Gas Regulator: Two stage regulator
Burner: 2 x 17,000 B.T.U burner with adjustable control
Umbrella: 6-1/2 foot high wind umbrella
Steamers: 3 pans 1/3 size x 6 inches deep. Tons of capacity
Food Equipment Summary: Triple Steamer Pan
Additional Standard Features: D.O.T Approved 1/2 ton suspension. Easy to tow on the highway at a
Additional Equipment Options: Barbeque, griddle, char-broilerAdditional Sinks. See the Cart Options
pages for a complete list of optional equipment and cost. These items may slow delivery of cart and are considered customized features.
Additional Feature: Quilted stainless as shown on many carts is a $500.00 extra cost option
*We reserve the right to improve carts and alter specifications without notice.
25% restocking on all parts returned. Shipping is not refundable on parts returns.

The NYC allows you to handle the larger crowds, to go beyond basic with an amazing combination of good capacity at a competitive price. The NYC equals performance, practicality and new lower price for 2021 that is hard to beat.


The NYC has loads of grunt and power, coupled with famous All American stainless quality. Add capacity, which is the most important thing for serving crowds. Then, add to the mix, easy handling on and off the tow vehicle. It handles and uses extremely well even for a beginner. To top it off, it is entirely commercial quality and we have been building it for 39 years! That's pretty much the perfect combo for most catering, event and street locations. It's no wonder the NYC is such a popular cart. It has been one of our better selling carts all over the world.

For 2021, the NYC was redesigned with a simpler water system, less moving parts. What this means to you is even better reliability and ease of use. That spells better performance when you need it. It also spells a lower price for 2021 !


There is not much not to like in the NYC. This is a real cart. At this price even the copycats and used carts don’t compe


The only negative feedback we have heard from anyone about the NYC is that there are some super busy occasions where they may have wanted a larger cart. The light weight and easy handling have been major likes and it’s sturdy, all-stainless body is a great plus.


The NYC is one of the most popular carts of all time in the world. No other cart has done as much to change the way we look at the food cart industry. No other cart has earned such a reputation as a time-proven workhorse as the NYC cart by All American. It will never let you down.